Strategies and Advice for Playing Poker Online

If you are new to the game of poker or just new to online poker, the one factor you must consider is that online poker is different from regular poker in terms of strategy, betting, and approach. To be successful at online play, you must embrace these facts from the start or you may be setting yourself up to lose.

One of the first major differences has to do with money and wagering. Unlike casino cash games which usually place no limits on the amount of money you can wager, most online web sites do impose limits for reasons that are outside of the player’s control. For instance, an online site may set a limit of $500/day meaning you can not put more than that amount into your gambling account. This may seem like a good amount of money to novice online players but if you play a $20/$40 limit game and lose, you’re out almost half your bankroll in a few games. As such, you need to consider these factors before committing yourself to serious online play.

To build your bankroll and enable yourself to play a good online strategy, many experts suggest playing $5/$10 limit games (or even lower) to start. Not only does this allow you to become familiar with online poker before you lose any real money, but by winning these smaller games, you can build your online account so you’ll have enough funds for when you want to play in the big games. Many new online players fail to do this and as such, they do not have success in the game.

Along these lines, rules for cashing out differ greatly than they do when playing at a casino. Depending on your line of credit, most sites limit how much money you can cash out. They don’t want you to close your account to zero so they make you go through some hoops to cash out. Remember all those bonus bucks you received for signing up and making your initial deposit to the site? When you read the fine print you’ll discover that you only get to keep that money if you continuously stay active on the site. Each site has its own conditions but the point is that you can’t “cash out” and walk away with all that money at once. This is an important point to remember when managing your poker money.