Advantages of Free Play Over Casino Comps

Brick and mortar casinos generally go big on comps to incentivize gamblers. You get them in the form of free drinks, coupons for free food, different kinds of rebates, and may be even free lodging if the casino is also a hotel. You might also get some free tickets to movies or sporting events.

The comps that you get depend on the kind of bets you place and the amount of time that you spend in the casino. If you are a big player you can even get your airfare and transportation costs paid by the casino you play at. Nevertheless, to qualify for any comp you will have to spend a certain amount of time and money at the casino. Free play on the other hand is available for everyone. For more information about free plays you can visit

Offered by online casinos, free plays constitute the bonuses that you get,up on signing up or depositing money. Irrespective of whether you are an existing player or a new one, you get some free money every time you make a deposit at the online casino. However, you might have to follow certain wagering requirements to cash such offers.

For instance, let us say you are signing up at a casino that offers 200% bonus on first deposit. If you make a deposit of $1000 for the first time and input your bonus code, you will get an extra $2000 added to your balance. So you can essentially play with $3000 instead of just the $1000 that you deposited. However, there will be a wager requirement when it comes to cashing out this bonus. The casino might require you to wager this amount some 35 times or so before you can cash it out. There may be restrictions on the kinds of games you can play too. Of course if you are lucky, you can still make a lot of profit through such Free Plays.

The clear advantage that Free Play has over casino comps is that you get to play for free for as long as the bonus amount lasts. You don’t have to lose money in order to qualify for a free play. However, it is important to understand that after all this is also a tool that casinos make use of, to make sure you lose more money. You will have to be very careful if you want to take advantage of these Free Plays, without losing much money.