Signs to Watch For While Playing Poker

Online poker is different to games like online roulette and online blackjack in that you are playing against people. When you are playing poker with a group of people, it is much easier to spot when they have good or bad hands, simply by the actions that they make. DeucesThis article will highlight some of the most common mistakes that tip players off so that you can improve your game and not make the same mistakes, yet still know when others are bluffing.

The first sign is widening of the eyes. Most players will do this whenever they get their hand if it has a combination that is brutal. However, you also have to watch out for this in the middle of a hand as well. If you see someone do this, reexamine your cards to determine if you have a chance, if it seems slim to none, then just fold. You will save yourself some time and money. As a poker player, you will want to control this action that you may have if you have an extremely good hand. This is why some poker players may wear sunglasses. Other players may close their eyes for moments at a time to avoid falling into this behavior.

Secondly, look for when a person raises their eyebrows. This is yet again, a way a person is literally bursting with joy of the hand of cards that they have. If you find yourself up against this, then you should probably fold as it must be a heck of a hand if they are getting that excited. For those that are trying to avoid this behavior, you will need a ton of discipline to keep your face like concrete when you are looking at your hand. This will be developed better over time.

Third of all, look for chip counting. What does this signal? Usually it means that the player is trying to figure out just how much he can bet during this round because he has such a good hand. When this happens, simply fold before you lose more money. For those trying to avoid this type of behavior, have restraint and not count them in front of people. If anything, try to keep a running average of chips in your head so you can know without counting.

Card checking is the final thing to look for according to our friend over at Pever Poker. When this happens you can bet that person does not have a good hand. This is the time when you will want to bet aggressively and knock them out of the game. For those who do this, there really is no advice. You can try to stop doing it as much since it is a dead giveaway to your hand, however, it is hard to resist. Having discipline will help out quite a bit.

What Type of Poker Player Are You?

All poker players consider themselves good players, but do they really know how good they are? All professional poker players have a special ability: to read their opponent and to learn their game. If you want to become a pro you need to know all types of players, and to play against them accordingly.

There are several types of poker players, depending on their game. Check them out and learn their weaknesses, to defeat them.

Calling Station
As the name says, they call too much. They rarely bet their winning hands so they don’t get paid off. Watch out because they cannot be bluffed because they always call.

These are very aggressive players, but their behavior is very predictable. Everything they do is on a large scale: they win huge and they lose big. The best way to beat them is to wait for strong hands and let them bet.

The most difficult opponent is the poker shark. He is a tight aggressive player that is very hard to beat. Because he’s always aggressive, he can easily bluff and usually wins the most showdowns. The only chance to defeat him is to have a better hand.

When you play poker online for real money is pretty easy to identify that quiet and timid player. He is afraid to risk losing chips so he folds a lot. Because of that it’s very easy to take his blinds.

You hardly notice him because he lays just few hands. He is passive pre-flop and becomes very aggressive post-flop. He is predictable and bets only with good cards.

As you probably guess, that poker player is the most aggressive type. They will win lots of pots due to their aggressiveness. Good players will exploit their lack of discipline and will check-raise knowing that they will bet. With some work and discipline, these can become shark poker players.

Usually these are new players or very weak players that play a lot of hands. They call down to the river with almost any pair, don’t protect their hands and don’t play their position. They are very easy to beat.