Advantages of Free Play Over Casino Comps

Brick and mortar casinos generally go big on comps to incentivize gamblers. You get them in the form of free drinks, coupons for free food, different kinds of rebates, and may be even free lodging if the casino is also a hotel. You might also get some free tickets to movies or sporting events.

The comps that you get depend on the kind of bets you place and the amount of time that you spend in the casino. If you are a big player you can even get your airfare and transportation costs paid by the casino you play at. Nevertheless, to qualify for any comp you will have to spend a certain amount of time and money at the casino. Free play on the other hand is available for everyone. For more information about free plays you can visit

Offered by online casinos, free plays constitute the bonuses that you get,up on signing up or depositing money. Irrespective of whether you are an existing player or a new one, you get some free money every time you make a deposit at the online casino. However, you might have to follow certain wagering requirements to cash such offers.

For instance, let us say you are signing up at a casino that offers 200% bonus on first deposit. If you make a deposit of $1000 for the first time and input your bonus code, you will get an extra $2000 added to your balance. So you can essentially play with $3000 instead of just the $1000 that you deposited. However, there will be a wager requirement when it comes to cashing out this bonus. The casino might require you to wager this amount some 35 times or so before you can cash it out. There may be restrictions on the kinds of games you can play too. Of course if you are lucky, you can still make a lot of profit through such Free Plays.

The clear advantage that Free Play has over casino comps is that you get to play for free for as long as the bonus amount lasts. You don’t have to lose money in order to qualify for a free play. However, it is important to understand that after all this is also a tool that casinos make use of, to make sure you lose more money. You will have to be very careful if you want to take advantage of these Free Plays, without losing much money.

3 Reasons Why You Want to Play at Party Casino Deutsch

There are plenty of good online crypto casino out there that offer a quality gaming experience. But most people are looking for more than just “good” when they play online casino games. They want the best of the best in terms of software, game variety, jackpots and promotions. Assuming you fall into this category, then we’ll save you some time: Party Casino Deutsch is by far one of the world’s top internet casinos. And if you’re wondering why, then check out the following three reasons that make Party so great.

  1. Party Casino’s Games are Excellent

One thing to absolutely love about Party Casino Deutsch is that their games are both abundant and of the highest quality. You’ll find dozens of slots games such as Bruce Lee, Cleopatra, Elvis, Dragon’s Hoard, Gone with the Wind, Lost Temple, Melon Madness, Snow Business, Star Trek and a lot more that we didn’t even mention. There are of course traditional table games too such as blackjack, sidebet blackjack, European roulette and craps. For those who want a land-based casino experience from home, don’t forget to check out live blackjack, live casino hold’em and live roulette.

  1. They’re a Very Reputable Operation

Operating under their parent company, Party Gaming, since 1997, Party Casino Deutch has truly withstood the test of time. That said, you can’t find a longer-lasting online casino that’s been serving satisfied players. In fact, it is their ability to satisfy players that’s kept Party around for so many years. Just check any review online and you’ll see good things written about this internet casino.

  1. Party offers a Great Online Poker Site

Okay, so this discussion is mainly about Party Casino, but we can’t avoid the fact that they also have one of the world’s top online poker rooms too. Once the biggest poker site on the planet, Party Poker still draws a good majority of players due to the big tournaments and inventive promotions that they offer. speaks pretty highly of Party Poker, writing the following about their software: “These days, the site does indeed feature the one of the best available software packages of the industry. All the features, bells and whistles come in a highly stable package, which supports multi-tabling and remains fast under any and all circumstances.”

From their poker site to their casino, Party is definitely one of the best overall iGaming operations in the industry. So if you’re looking to let your money ride and win big, then Party Casino is definitely a great choice! Casino students must focus on their Homework help online.

Strategies and Advice for Playing Poker Online

If you are new to the game of poker or just new to online poker, the one factor you must consider is that online poker is different from regular poker in terms of strategy, betting, and approach. To be successful at online play, you must embrace these facts from the start or you may be setting yourself up to lose.

One of the first major differences has to do with money and wagering. Unlike casino cash games which usually place no limits on the amount of money you can wager, most online web sites do impose limits for reasons that are outside of the player’s control. For instance, an online site may set a limit of $500/day meaning you can not put more than that amount into your gambling account. This may seem like a good amount of money to novice online players but if you play a $20/$40 limit game and lose, you’re out almost half your bankroll in a few games. As such, you need to consider these factors before committing yourself to serious online play.

To build your bankroll and enable yourself to play a good online strategy, many experts suggest playing $5/$10 limit games (or even lower) to start. Not only does this allow you to become familiar with online poker before you lose any real money, but by winning these smaller games, you can build your online account so you’ll have enough funds for when you want to play in the big games. Many new online players fail to do this and as such, they do not have success in the game.

Along these lines, rules for cashing out differ greatly than they do when playing at a casino. Depending on your line of credit, most sites limit how much money you can cash out. They don’t want you to close your account to zero so they make you go through some hoops to cash out. Remember all those bonus bucks you received for signing up and making your initial deposit to the site? When you read the fine print you’ll discover that you only get to keep that money if you continuously stay active on the site. Each site has its own conditions but the point is that you can’t “cash out” and walk away with all that money at once. This is an important point to remember when managing your poker money.

How to Find the Best Casino Bonuses

Gambling is one of the best recreational activities. Some people like to travel and spend their time in casino hotels, while others enjoy the variety of online casino games without any hassle in a quiet comfort of their favorite chairs at home. According to, a database of online casinos, bonuses and games, there are more than 650 online casinos available to the players all over the world. Many of these casino attract the new players and engage the ones who have already registered offering them promotions and bonuses of various types.

Welcome packages are usually the most generous ones. As soon as the new player makes the first deposit, it is matched with a fat bonus. In some cases, casinos offer small incentives to try their games by offering free spins or a no-deposit bonus to the players. However, in order to withdraw any winnings, a deposit should be made in order to verify the player’s banking account. Other bonus types include monthly, weekly, and daily bonuses that are given once every specified period of time. Some casinos reward their players for their activity by offering gift, loyalty, and special bonuses. In case the player brings a friend who registers in a casino and makes a deposit, the referral bonus may be rewarded to both the referrer and the referee.

How can a player find all these bonuses? There are many sites that offer some kind of casino-related information, including bonuses. is one of the most comprehensive and well-researched portals that has collected information on more than 1800 online casino bonuses. All these bonuses may be organized by bonus type, bonus percent, minimum deposit, wagering requirements, and other bonus- and casino-related information. Find the bonus that is the best for you and enjoy the game.

Signs to Watch For While Playing Poker

Online poker is different to games like online roulette and online blackjack in that you are playing against people. When you are playing poker with a group of people, it is much easier to spot when they have good or bad hands, simply by the actions that they make. DeucesThis article will highlight some of the most common mistakes that tip players off so that you can improve your game and not make the same mistakes, yet still know when others are bluffing.

The first sign is widening of the eyes. Most players will do this whenever they get their hand if it has a combination that is brutal. However, you also have to watch out for this in the middle of a hand as well. If you see someone do this, reexamine your cards to determine if you have a chance, if it seems slim to none, then just fold. You will save yourself some time and money. As a poker player, you will want to control this action that you may have if you have an extremely good hand. This is why some poker players may wear sunglasses. Other players may close their eyes for moments at a time to avoid falling into this behavior.

Secondly, look for when a person raises their eyebrows. This is yet again, a way a person is literally bursting with joy of the hand of cards that they have. If you find yourself up against this, then you should probably fold as it must be a heck of a hand if they are getting that excited. For those that are trying to avoid this behavior, you will need a ton of discipline to keep your face like concrete when you are looking at your hand. This will be developed better over time.

Third of all, look for chip counting. What does this signal? Usually it means that the player is trying to figure out just how much he can bet during this round because he has such a good hand. When this happens, simply fold before you lose more money. For those trying to avoid this type of behavior, have restraint and not count them in front of people. If anything, try to keep a running average of chips in your head so you can know without counting.

Card checking is the final thing to look for according to our friend over at Pever Poker. When this happens you can bet that person does not have a good hand. This is the time when you will want to bet aggressively and knock them out of the game. For those who do this, there really is no advice. You can try to stop doing it as much since it is a dead giveaway to your hand, however, it is hard to resist. Having discipline will help out quite a bit.

What Type of Poker Player Are You?

All poker players consider themselves good players, but do they really know how good they are? All professional poker players have a special ability: to read their opponent and to learn their game. If you want to become a pro you need to know all types of players, and to play against them accordingly.

There are several types of poker players, depending on their game. Check them out and learn their weaknesses, to defeat them.

Calling Station
As the name says, they call too much. They rarely bet their winning hands so they don’t get paid off. Watch out because they cannot be bluffed because they always call.

These are very aggressive players, but their behavior is very predictable. Everything they do is on a large scale: they win huge and they lose big. The best way to beat them is to wait for strong hands and let them bet.

The most difficult opponent is the poker shark. He is a tight aggressive player that is very hard to beat. Because he’s always aggressive, he can easily bluff and usually wins the most showdowns. The only chance to defeat him is to have a better hand.

When you play poker online for real money is pretty easy to identify that quiet and timid player. He is afraid to risk losing chips so he folds a lot. Because of that it’s very easy to take his blinds.

You hardly notice him because he lays just few hands. He is passive pre-flop and becomes very aggressive post-flop. He is predictable and bets only with good cards.

As you probably guess, that poker player is the most aggressive type. They will win lots of pots due to their aggressiveness. Good players will exploit their lack of discipline and will check-raise knowing that they will bet. With some work and discipline, these can become shark poker players.

Usually these are new players or very weak players that play a lot of hands. They call down to the river with almost any pair, don’t protect their hands and don’t play their position. They are very easy to beat.

Live Mobile Games Makes an Impact

If you have enjoyed playing casino games on your mobile phone or tablet, then you are in for a shock when you hear this. You now will be able to play online casino games on your mobile phone or tablet, and have the experience of a lifetime as you will be dealing with a live dealer!

Technological Improvements

As there have been vast improvements made to the technologies that drive smartphones and tablets you will now be able to enjoy complex games on those devices, including live dealer games. Live dealer games have been available on desktop and laptop computers for some time now, but this is the first time these games are available on mobile. This is simply due to the technological advances that been made in particular with mobile broadband, which supports live video streaming. Thanks to faster mobile speeds you can now enjoy streaming live gaming while on the move. And as you can imagine this will just get better as connection speeds get faster and faster. So you are no longer bound to a wired computer to enjoy live dealer gaming. Check out this blog post to learn more about live dealer mobile gaming. You can be sure that for those that have never experienced live dealer gaming, it really does bring the experience of being live inside a casino. The attractive female live dealers are sure to attract you to the game as well!

Treat For Mobile Casino Lovers

If you love mobile roulette games then you will be really enjoying playing your favourite game with a live dealer. The first mobile live dealer game released is roulette with blackjack and baccarat soon to follow. With this new technology in place the future of live dealer games is exciting.

Advantages Of Live 

  • You will get the experience of playing as if you are inside a casino.
  • The very fact that you have the options to talk to live dealers while playing the games will entice you to play the game.
  • You will be able to chat freely with the live dealer in between hands.
  • For those that don’t trust computerised games, the live dealer is the only option.

Future Of Live Dealer Gambling Games

There is no doubt that there is a bright future for mobile live dealer mobile casino games. First there will be the novelty factor, and later just the convenience as players have the opportunity to chat with live dealers. Live dealer games on the mobile are a game changer and will sure offer some real exciting moments for the players.

Tips for Playing Multiple Tables

One of the biggest changes to modern online poker came with the introduction of multi tabling. Every online poker room makes it possible for its players to play at several tables in the same time. This means that micro limits, which did not represent a reasonable source of winnings in the past, can now be used to actually make money. Taking advantage of the weak level of play there makes more sense now than ever before.

Live poker players and poker purists generally regard multi tabling as yet another exaggeration a generation grown up on massively multi player online games has come up with. Their foremost argument is that by having to pay attention to so many tables, one will effectively rob himself of the chance to play his absolute best.

The latter part of this statement is certainly true: you will not be able to bring your absolute best to several tables in the same time. When multi-tabling though, your absolute best may not even be required. What you need to focus on is to be good enough to compensate the edge you give up by leaving your best game behind, with the sheer volume of hands that you play. Your edges will be smaller, but they’ll be put to work more often, which means that whether you reach a reasonable level of winnings only depends on how many hands you play per hour. This is the mechanism behind successful multi-tabling. You give up a small edge for the chance to gain one which can be as big as you’re capable of making it.

The most difficult stage of learning to play at multiple tables is the start of course. Obviously, if you’re having trouble making money at one table, you shouldn’t even consider multi-tabling. If you’re a long term loser, by playing multiple tables, you will only add to your losses. As soon as you feel confident enough in your ability to handle a single table, you may want to add one more. Don’t forget to sign up for rakeback before you get to multi tabling. Playing multiple tables will mean more hands/hour which means you’ll pay a lot more in rake too. You may even want to consider a prop deal , but that may restrict the limits you can play on

Blackjack For Real Money – The Best Way to Make…

Blackjack online is one of the most popular casino card games. Indisputable advantages of the game are a wonderful simplicity, choice freedom accessibility of strategies and a high chance of winning. Blackjack online draws is an exciting and emotional gambling that doesn’t leave calm even the freshmen.

To play blackjack for real money one needs to make out in various game basic rules, know the game nuances and, certainly, have a good practice. Blackjack for real money requires special knowledge, skills and opportunity to improve one’s skills in practice. If one tends to play blackjack online for real money he finds the game rather attractive and advantageous to the gambler.

One doesn’t need to take special efforts to learn how to play blackjack online for real money. The game participants are a player and a dealer. The gamblers get two cards face down, the dealer gets a closed and an open card. The player needs to pick up more points than the dealer has but not more than 21 points. A player may double bet or split a pair of identical cards, making another bid.

Online casino gives a great opportunity to download card games online and get an advantageous benefit to make a fortune! Playing online blackjack, you may not only learn and improve your skills in the game, but forget your everyday problems, have a good time and enjoy the gambling excitement at your comfortable home. Blackjack online computer version (poker , slots roulette and other games) computer version is programmed to shuffle the cards, so you are completely immune from the real fraud. Thus, you can confidently play Blackjack and card games online and you receive prizes!

Casino Deposit and Non-Deposit Variety of

Online casino deposit or no deposit casino bonus is an additional amount of money the gambler gets from the online casino for free. Casino bonuses can be divided into three types: deposit bonus – when the gambler gets the percentage from the amount of the deposit he made at the casino, no deposit casino bonus – a bonus given for the account registration, and bonus for friends – a bonus, given to a player if he involves his friend into the exact casino gambling. To get regular online casino no deposit bonuses you should play for them in different no deposit gambling casinos.

Bonuses for deposits are very popular among gamblers. Usually it is measured in the percentage of the total amount of donations. The following deposit bonuses are given at online casinos: first deposit bonus, second deposit bonus and even sometimes third deposit bonus, add here monthly bonus, non-limit bonus and bonuses for using different means of payments.

No deposit bonus is available to any player who only starts to play and create an account for the game at the casino. Non deposit is issued free of charge thus you can play and then withdraw your money from the Casino. But usually it is hard to get a free bonus if not to make a deposit

Bonuses for friends are available for players that have already done at least once a deposit at the casino. Casino administration gives money to a real account in the form of bonuses. All you need is to involve your friend to play at exact casino and you’ll get a friend bonus. Therefore, this bonus is beneficial to all, including the casinos.